Corporate Training

Positive corporate change

A happier, healthier and more productive workforce

  • Greater life balance
  • Happier employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Improve the wellbeing of staff

Why we do it

The workday is becoming more stressful and Tier 1 wants to address this by empowering individuals with knowledge and tools to create happier individuals, workplaces and communities.


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How we do it

Our advisory board completes preliminary research to determine common issues within a work environment and then determines the key issues to apply to the team at large. The team then designs a corporate training program centered around the key principles of exercise, nutrition and wellbeing.

What the training involves

For a 12 week period fitness instructors hold group classes depending on the company’s requirements. Individuals are also given personalised home classes that are accessible through the app and are designed to improve posture and functional movement.

Ongoing support

At the start of the program a baseline assessment is done to use as a benchmark for progress and improvement. Data is compiled and passed on the company to determine the benefits of the program.


The way forward is to create a culture that prioritises the health of workers. The way to do that is by getting all the key stakeholders on the same page by getting employers and employees together at the same table to create that culture. Tier 1 has the tools and resources to help make that happen.

Who we are

Tier 1 develops and implements holistic health and fitness programs on demand to both corporate and individual customers. Our programs are designed by experts in medicine, medical research and allied health.


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