Improve movement patterns, strength, flexibility and physical performance.

  • Sports-Specific Training: Improve athletic performance with programs designed to improve skills and performance in a specific sport
  • Exercise Technique Coaching: Improves the effectiveness of workouts and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Strength Training:  Learn to lift weights safely to reduce the risk of injury and improve your technique

Weight Management Programs

Structured programs to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight through exercise and diet.

  • Exercise Programs: Varied workouts with a mix of cardio, strength training and flexibility to maximise weight loss
  • Behavioural Coaching: Gain strategies on how to change unhealthy eating behaviours to reduce binge and stress eating
  • Nutrition Guidance: Education on diet and nutrition to help reach and maintain your ideal weight


Our programs are designed specifically to meet your needs, goals, and preferences.

  • Assessment: An assessment and baseline of your physical condition in relation to your goals
  • Tailored workout plans: A short and long-term program designed to help you reach each milestone
  • One to one coaching: Personal attention to ensure that you execute each rep and set correctly

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