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Active Release Technique

Active Release Techniques are often quick and effective and are incorporated in the treatment session. Specific contact and force is applied to specific areas of the body, which is coupled with active movement from the client. 

Craniosacral Therapy

During a session you can expect many gentle hand placements around the head and neck, face and sacrum. These places may be held for quite some time in order for the full relaxation of the area to occur. 

Integrated Systems Model (ISM)

It starts with finding a meaningful movement unique to you, that may be painful, restricted or just something you want to improve in your performance of. We then determine if corrections on different sites, which can be quite far away, improves either posture, performing the task or changes your sensation of the task.

Clinical & Applied Kinesiology

A muscle test will be used to determine the how the nervous system perceives a task (eg a squat, or running task), generally either at the shoulder or hip. This test will be reused a number of times to determine what tasks create a threat response. 

Mulligan Manual Therapy (MWM)

These techniques will make up a portion of the treatment and when performed it should eliminate pain and discomfort. You may feel firm pressure on the area that is being mobilised and you will be asked to perform a movement associated with your pain.

Somato Emotional Release

During a session your Therapist may at some point ask about how you are feeling, what you are sensing, what is happening in your body in that moment. Sometimes this can be quite a new concept, but it is actually just activating the powerful tool that is your imagination! 

Visceral Manipulation

During a session, the therapist will place their hands across different organs which are mainly located within the thorax and head. Some of these treatments can feel uncomfortable but should not feel painful. The therapist will move their hands slightly as organ movement returns.

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