Private health insurance

How do I use private health insurance for allied health services?

We have detailed the process of using your private health insurance in our infographic, but if you know you have our health services included in your insurance coverage then all you need to do is bring along your physical or digital card! We can make the claim on the spot for you and we only charge the difference (gap) once the health fund has paid their share.

Can I use my health insurance for any of your programs?

Since our programs are run by physiotherapists and most health insurance providers cover physio, you may claim most of our services under physiotherapy. Since we work in a integrated manner, our sessions include hands on manual therapy and exercise, which is classified under the physiotherapy profession.

Do you cover group exercise classes?

Yes, if your insurance covers group exercise classes then it’s as easy to claim as our one on one physiotherapy sessions. If you are unsure about this please give us a call or email to discuss this further.

Improvements in function often precede pain reduction.

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