Personal Training

Take your game to the next level

A fitness blueprint to improve your performance

3 Sessions for $99

  • Goal setting
  • Fitness history
  • Baseline testing
  • Postural assessment
  • Boxing fundamentals
  • Strength and endurance

AUD $99.00

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The Discovery

A meet and greet where we get to know you personally, your goals, your aspirations and what you want to get out of the program. Our approach to fitness is a holistic one so we look after both your mind and body through a tailored, personalised program.

If the goal is to take your sporting performance to the next level this is a great vehicle to do that. Our team of fitness and nutrition experts has the tools and resources to help turn that vision into reality.

Part of being an elite athlete is the ability stay fit and remain injury free and we can help you to develop a stronger and more resilient body by increasing your strength, making you more flexible and helping you to lose excess weight which often increases the likelihood of injury.

We will walk you through diet and nutrition and compliment that by building a thorough exercise program to help bring your sporting dreams closer to reality.

We will do some base line testing, tell you where you can improve, talk about what’s important in your fitness journey and then come together to formulate a long term plan on how we can get there.

The Program

In the first three sessions we give you an overview of the program, what to expect, listen to your input and take on any suggestions as to how we can create the best possible experience for you as a client.

We complete a fitness assessment; do some strength and flexibility testing as well as postural and movement analysis to give us a base to work from.

Once you decide to make a long-term commitment we will collaborate with you to create an eight week program that meets your goals and desires but is still enjoyable and fun at the same time.


  • Goal Setting
  • Baseline testing (BMI, upper and lower body strength, core strength)
  • Strength Session – repetition based workout on primal movement patterns


  • Injury history, strength and flexibility testing
  • Muscular endurance workout


  • Postural Assessment
  • Boxing fundamentals or Mobility and rehab
  • Learn boxing technique or how to improve mobility and flexibility

Memberships include

  • 45 minute classes
  • No lock in contracts
  • Unlimited access to group classes
  • Access to members only content
  • Access to the Tier 1 Training App
  • Regular assessments to monitor target metrics



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