It’s important for exercise to be structured and specific. Once the target is clearly defined we can activate a specific course of action on how best to achieve optimal benefit. We have an eclectic group of trainers backed by an executive board who have the knowledge and expertise to get the best results.

We provide an evidence based approach to strength, mobility and balance while ensuring that our clients are engaging in exercise that they feel comfortable with.

Whether the goal is high level sport, personal fitness or mind and maintenance we will find the right program for you to ensure that you’re stimulated, activated and invigorated. 


There is an old saying that you are what you eat. To live a happy, healthy life it’s important to treat your body well, eat the right nutrients and develop a balanced, complimentary diet. We can help make that happen.

Our nutritional experts will provide you with tools and knowledge to compliment your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals no matter what stage of life you’re at.

The needs and nutritional intake of corporate workers compared to seniors or aspiring athletes is obviously very different and it’s important to get specialised knowledge to ensure you’re on the right track. 


Tier One was created and designed with the intent to achieve truly holistic health and mental wellbeing. Our goal was to create a fun environment that was sociable, accessible and reliable.

Our core principle is holistic health and we make it a point to ensure that you get access to mental wellbeing tools and resources. With that in mind, after going through our program, our hope is that you achieve not just physical growth but also mental growth. But from a broader perspective, this is a fun community to be a part of, you have the opportunity to meet some great people, all of whom have your best interests at heart and wish you nothing but success and happiness.