These programs are for anyone not certain where to start their physical activity journal or wanting to get back into routine in a social environment.


Engaging in physical activity program as a part of the General service (Group or Private) and Community partners

Mobility Flow (Basics)

This physio-run class is about awakening the body and improving flexibility, control and deep strengthening of the core, limbs and even the feet and hands. Classes include scalable options based on neurodevelopmental patterns, training of the deep core and hip muscles, and spinal health that runs for 50 minutes with a 5 minute Tai-Chi style breathwork session to end the class.

Similar to Mat Pilates for those with experience doing bodyweight, person-centred exercise classes previously. Perfect for those wanting to start a light bodyweight-based program that is a great foundation to any hobbies and sporting activities. All ages and abilities are welcome! Please bring your own mats to class, only water will be provided.

Integrated Flow


Our physio-run integrated flow is the next level of creating functional humans that can bend, squat, twist, push, pull, crunch and walk efficiently. We begin with foundational principles designed to create appropriate posture and muscular activation and then we add more dynamic and multidimensional patterns using bands, cables, dumbbells, clubbells, sandbags and more!

This class is designed for those that have some level of training experience and is great for those wanting to improve their performance in sports, work or life!

Revitalise Class (60+ Class)

We tend to say exercise is our medicine and as such our weekly dose of exercise should meet the requirements set forth by Health organisations. We have designed our revitalise classes to be taken twice a week at 60 minutes per class, combining strength, balance, cardiovascular and coordination training.

Perfect classes to reduce risk of falls, increase leg, arm and core strength and generally condition the body to be able to improve walking, stair climbing or home activities.

Please note that we hold these classes on level 1 of our building and there are 27 steps to climb to get to this level. Please email us if you have any questions about access.

Beat It Class (Diabetes specific Class)

The Beat It Program was initially developed by Diabetes Australia and has a strong evidence base to improve strength and cardiovascular capacity, with over 90% of participants reporting better management of their Diabetes. These classes include twice weekly strength, balance and cardiovascular training that is specifically tailored to those with Diabetes (Type I or II).

We also include educational sessions each week on healthy tips and strategies for better management of Diabetes.

Group of focused sportive people in activewear doing shoulder press exercise with medicine ball filled with fluid during fitness class

Tone the Bone

(Arthritis & Osteoporosis Class)

Our Tone the Bone classes are focussed on the needs of the individual and have specific exercises for arthritis such as strengthening, building muscle and function but also for osteoporosis including building muscle to protect the bone, impact loading to stimulate bone density and balance to reduce risk of fractures.

Every fortnight we include Q&A sessions after class to answer any management questions you may have about your condition.

Side view of bearded male athlete smiling and doing low row exercise with TRX ropes during group suspension training in gym

Coming soon…

Back On Track (Back Conditioning Classes)

Accepting expressions of interest. Please email us to ask about this class!

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