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Mission Statement

Promotion of the health and wellbeing of the local and wider community through education, engagement and the empowerment while embodying sustainable practices.

We do this by integrating the biological, psychological and social factors that lead to optimal health, performance and wellbeing.  


To lead a nation-wide movement for the integration of allied health professionals into the holistic management of individuals, groups and communities whilst setting the precedent for positively impacting our environment.

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Open communication

Evidence-based practice

Benjamin Hickman

(B.ExPhys, MPhty)

Ben is a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and personal trainer with a background in martial arts, weightlifting and gymnastics. His interest lies in dance for health and has been pursuing a PhD in dance for chronic pain since 2019 along with a number of other coaching and nutrition qualifications.
Ben has worked and volunteered across Sydney, Singapore, Fiji and Sri Lanka in a number of clinics, gyms, hospitals and community programs in the areas of injury rehabilitation, exercise as prevention, sports medicine, community health and education, strength and conditioning and nutritional consultations.

Dae Uk Han

(B.ExPhys, MPhil)

Dae Uk is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist. His interest lies in improving the accessibility of physical activity interventions to improve physical and mental health. He has completed his Master of Philosophy (Medicine) exploring the feasibility of high-intensity interval training in people living with severe mental illness and is now pursuing a PhD exploring the application of mHealth in delivering exercise therapy for people living with cardiovascular disease.
Dae Uk has worked and volunteered across various aspects of the community in NSW ranging from non-profit organisations, hospitals and emergency services to better understand the need of each individual seeking out to improve their health through movement. As such, he has been involved in areas of community health education, strength and conditioning, exercise as form of prevention, intervention and management of chronic condition.

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