Kizomba Kollective Level 3

LEVEL 3 KIZOMBA FUSION Our 4 week Kizomba Fusion course flows on from the Level 2 Kizomba Fusion. This 4 week course is designed for students wanting to continue to focus on their lead & follow technique while they expand their repertoire of social dance patterns & musicality. This course can be repeated as manyContinue reading “Kizomba Kollective Level 3”

Kizomba Kollective Level 2

LEVEL 2 KIZOMBA or KIZOMBA FUSION Our 4 week course is designed for students progressing from Level 1 Fundamentals with at least 4 months learning. Everyone at Kizomba Kollective believes this is the most important course we offer. Master the connection & techniques taught in this curriculum & you will truly understand & experience theContinue reading “Kizomba Kollective Level 2”

Kizomba Kollective Level 1

LEVEL 1 KIZOMBA or KIZOMBA FUSION Our Level 1 four week courses are for people with less than 4 months Kizomba learning experience. If you are completely new to Kizomba, or want a refresher, this course will help you get the fundamentals right. The KIZOMBA course focuses on Kizomba connection, weight transfer & fundamental moves.Continue reading “Kizomba Kollective Level 1”

Kizomba Social

Kizomba social dancing is about dancing and connecting with different people and their own style of dance. Generally people will rotate partners through the night and experiment with how the leaders and followers can have different conversations of dance.

Brazilian Zouk Class

Brazilian Zouk is a Latin dance which began in Brazil during the early 1990s. It originated from a Brazilian dance called Lambada with influences from other Brazilian dances.  In the 80’s, Lambada was very popular in Brazil and quickly gained worldwide notoriety through its music. Lambada was a dance that dominated most nightclubs in Brazil, especiallyContinue reading “Brazilian Zouk Class”

Kizomba Open/Intermediate

Kizomba is an African-based dance style that originated in Angola in the 1980’s. It is a fundamentally grounded partner dance that includes continuous movement of both leader and follower with a frame that is similar to that of Tango. There are no basic steps per se, so the dance allows a playful conversation of danceContinue reading “Kizomba Open/Intermediate”