Kizomba Beginners Class

Kizomba is an African-based dance style that originated in Angola in the 1980’s. It is a fundamentally grounded partner dance that includes continuous movement of both leader and follower with a frame that is similar to that of Tango. There are no basic steps per se, so the dance allows a playful conversation of dance to evolve in accordance with both dancers vocabulary.

Along with other typical dances under the Kizomba umbrella such as Semba, Kompa and Zouk, the style has transformed into many different sub genres including but not limited to UrbanKiz, Tarraxinha, Kizomba Fusion, Kiztango, Douceur, Zouk Love etc.

What to expect

We set the foundation of Kizomba with our basic steps and begin to teach the technique of ginga and how to express yourself through your natural hip movement. We also work on connection skills to improve both abilities of leaders and followers to enjoy their dancing!

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