Kizomba Kollective Level 1

Kizomba Kollective Level 1


Our Level 1 four week courses are for people with less than 4 months Kizomba learning experience. If you are completely new to Kizomba, or want a refresher, this course will help you get the fundamentals right.

The KIZOMBA course focuses on Kizomba connection, weight transfer & fundamental moves. KIZOMBA FUSION focuses on Fundamentals with Fusion & reinforces the weight transfer & connection that is so important to Kizomba & Kizomba Fusion.

These 4 week fundamentals courses run alternately as KIZOMBA, or KIZOMBA FUSION. Both 4 week courses should be completed at least once before progressing to Level 2.


Anyone who has done our Level 1 Kizomba/Fusion courses for 4 months i.e. 4 courses in total OR has done our Level 1 Urban Kiz course 4 times can continue to do the same/relevant courses when they like for free for the next 2 years (although this won’t include the party entry).

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